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    Hi i am Morky


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    Hi i am Morky Empty Hi i am Morky

    Post  Morky on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:20 am

    Hi as most of u know me i play the game as a orc warlock named morky.
    My real name is Dennis i live in the netherlands im 20 years old and im stil going to college.

    Im getting my first own house at the end of februari Very Happy so im very exited about that and realy looking forward.
    So il be offline for a while when im moving from house to house i started this idea for a Guild when i heard there was going to be a new realm so me and my Girlfriend started this out and are realy enjoying it so far

    I realy hope we all get to know each other a lot better plan many fun events and run dungeons together each day.

    im always very helpfull if others need help with things or questions in the game im realy not that bothert about lvling fast i just enjoy the game in my own speed Smile if been playing WoW for more then 3 years now so i got plenty experiance true out the game sinds pre-tbc

    Hi guys nice to meet u all Very Happy !

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    Hi i am Morky Empty hi i am selinto

    Post  selinto on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:28 am

    hi i am selinto
    age 27
    name bernard
    country holland
    and i am addicted to wow

    and i am in your guild Twisted Evil

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