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    Whiskyboy's Story.


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    Whiskyboy's Story. Empty Whiskyboy's Story.

    Post  Whiskyboy on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:27 am

    To start with, my name is Robbie and i am 18. Currently unemployed due to my twit of an Ex-boss and her failing pub. I live in England, Buckinhamshire in a town called Aylesbury. Yes i like a drink, yes i've passed out in my display pic..
    Reasons for rerolling.. mmhmm. I came from the wonderful Roleplay realm of Defia's Brotherhood <3, before that Deathwing. I'm rerolling because i can't seem to find my place anymore, not since WoTLK or even TBC.. (Original ftw) so i'm trying again here.
    I raided Pre-TBC up to Nefarian and TBC up to Tidewalker in SSC. Not yet done any in WotLK.. i couldn't seem to get my warrior past 75..

    First ever char created: Male Tauren Druid..
    First char to 60: Human Male Paladin..
    First char to 70: Night Elf Female Warrior..

    Can't think of anything else to mention so i'll leave it at that..

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    Whiskyboy's Story. Empty Re: Whiskyboy's Story.

    Post  Morky on Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:34 am

    Aight mate nice to meet u

    i think most of us has the similair story towards not finding it easy to fit in sinds new expension

    Im certain this new realm and new guild will make it so much more fun Very Happy

    id realy like to do the original /the burning crusade / and WOtlk raiding while lvling Smile

    so first raids starting 60+ Very Happy i believe it will also be good for teamspirit doing a lot together Very Happy

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